Affenpinscher Summary:

Affenpinscher dogs were not always known as ladies’ companions. They were originally created to be ratters in homes and shops. Being bred down in size now we all know them as happy, wicked companion dogs. The average height of an affenpinscher is 9 to 11 inches weighting about 7 to 9 pounds depending whether they’re females or males. Usually they have a lifespan of about 12 to 14 years.

Affenpinscher Overview:

Affenpinscher comes from the German languages and it stands for Monkey Dog. This name suits this dog very well because he is so active and playful. Even though the Affenpinscher is a small dog he has a very big attitude. He is very smart but because he is so fun-loving sometimes the obedience training can be a little problematic. This dog breed is devoted to his owner and his family and friends. He is a small dog but acts like a big one. This makes him a perfect watchdog, fearless toward any stranger that may interact with him. This dog is not afraid to pick up a fight with a dog that is way larger than him so you have to be careful about this. They are very good with kids but he will bite if he is provoked so you need to teach your child to be gentle with his Affenpinscher puppy. Even though your child has no mean intentions he can easily harm him. This toy dog breed is very entertaining and loves to play with toys and other stuff that he can find around the house so be careful with his training, it’s not such a nice feeling to find out that your shoes were chewed.

Affenpinscher Training:

These dogs are very intelligent. They can learn new commands very quickly which makes them quite easy to train. Usually they enjoy any type of activity so training will not be a problem for them. In fact it can be something that they will really enjoy.

Affenpinscher Shedding:

Shedding should not concern you at all if you plan to buy an affenpinscher. In fact you will never find a hair in your house because it is not a type of dog breed that sheds hair.

Affenpinscher Grooming:

They are very active and energetic therefore you need to satisfy their exercise needs. Don’t worry though, those exercise needs can be met with short walks outside or even with some basic indoor games. Although he enjoy a lot playing outside he cannot live outdoors. You will have to groom his coat three times weekly and shaping needs to be done 4 times per year.

Affenpinscher History:

The Affenpinscher dog breed dates back to the 17th century and it is ancestral to the Brussels Griffon and Miniature Schnauzer. Dogs of this type were known since 1600 but they were slightly larger and came in colors of grey, black, fawn and red. He was created to remove rodents from homes, shops and granaries.