Afghan Hound

The Afghan Hound is described by many owners as being different and funny in the same time. Why is he different than other breeds? He is different because unlike any other dogs he has a unique appearance, with silky coat and elegant body shape.

The personalities of Afghan Hounds can be very different from one dog to another. What is important is that all Afghans are loyal companions to their owner and his family. This breed, like many others dog breeds, needs regular exercise. Running in the yard will be ok as long as the fences are high enough. Why is that? Because Afghan Hounds are addicted to jumping over fences but this fact shouldn’t be a great concern if basic training is done. Also you need to be careful because an Afghan Hound can be smart enough to open drawers and doors that you wouldn’t want him to open. Another important fact that you should know is that Afghans are also known to have a tendency to run away. Being calm and patient they can easily live with cats and children that are not being aggressive with him.

The Afghan Hound dog breed can be a very good therapy dog. He is a very sensitive creature but this doesn’t mean that they will not be cautious around strangers. For sure the best thing is that he can make your life happier than ever.

Afghan Hound Characteristic:

The Afghan Hound is gay, beautiful and smart. These beautiful dogs excels in the show ring. They are a very dignified dog breed. Afghan Hounds  do tend to be defiant, if not trained correctly. In the right home and family environment, this breed thrives and will become the center of your world.ALSO READ:Borzoi

Afghan Hound Temperament:

The Afgan Hound is an exceptionally noble and courageous breed. They are sweet, devoted and loving dogs, but have a tendency to be sensitive and should be treated as such. They do well with older children and very well with other pets, provided they are socialized from an early age.

Afghan Hound Training:

Afghan’s are sensitive dogs and should be trained gently, but consistently. Without  proper training and socialization, the Afgan Hound tends to be disobedient and destructive. Obedience classes are a must for this dog breed.

They are happy dogs with a sense of humor. This, among others, is a reason why sometimes they are very difficult to train. Eventually he will learn new commands but the time and effort needed for this is greater than with other dog breeds so extra patience is required when training your Afghan Hound puppy.

Afghan Hound Shedding:

If you plan to have an Afghan Hound you should need to know that, like many other dog breeds, he will shed a fair amount of hair. There are numerous requirements for the coat, the most important being that it should never be trimmed and always remain as natural as possible.  If you want to avoid having hair all over the place basic brushing is required every day. Don’t worry, he will enjoy it as much as he enjoys any interaction with you.

Afghan Hound Grooming:

Like many other dog breeds the Afghan Hound dog breed requires some basic grooming to be done. Besides the fact that you should brush his hair almost daily he also needs daily exercise. If you really want to make him happy take him to a park and let him run full speed. He will enjoy it a lot and you will have a healthier dog.

Afghan Hound History:

The Afghan Hound dog breed dates back to pre-Christianity era. However the modern purebred of Afghans descends from dogs brought to Great Britain in the 1920 and they are a mix of varieties and types of sight-hounds from Afghanistan and surrounding areas.

A truly elegant and noble dog breed, the Afghan Hound makes a superb companion and their popularity has increased over the years.

Afgan’s are aloof, graceful, devoted and loyal. These dogs can be slightly reserved around strangers. Early socialization is a necessity for this breed. Around the world, the Afghan Hound breed is  known by  numerous names, including Balkh Hound, Baluchi Hound, Barutzy Hound,  Galanday Hound,  Kabul Hound, Ogar Afgan, Sage Baluchi, Shalgar Hound and Tazi.