Aussiedoodle Overview

This dog breed is a cross between two breeds, the Poodle and the Australian Shepherd. This breed is often referred to as a “designer dogs”. The breed has grown in popularity as a companion. Because of their breeding, the dog breed has instinctive herding capabilities.

Aussiedoodle Characteristics

This dog breed has a somewhat rectangular build. The breed is a versatile dog with a proud demeanor.  They are muscular, lithe and agile dogs. The look of the breed can vary as a result of the breed’s mixed lineage.

Aussiedoodle Temperament

Even-tempered, loveable and sweet, the breed has a delightful personality. They generally get along well with other dogs and pets.  They have extreme patience with young children. Because of their very pleasant nature, the dogs are not very effective guard or watch dogs.

Aussiedoodle Care

The grooming requirements of the breed depend largely on the coat type. Regular brushing is generally required and some may need clipping. They are prone to health problems like PRA and hip, elbow, or patella dysplasia. This breed is known to have severe reactions to Ivermectin, commonly used for heartworm.

Aussiedoodle Coat

The hair may be curly, wavy or straight, and varies in length. Some dogs have under coats, while others do not.

Aussiedoodle Training

This dog breed is intelligent and eager to learn and please. Socialization and obedience training from a early age is recommended for the dog. If trained with firmness, fairness and consistency, this breed will do very well at obedience.

Aussiedoodle Activity

The breed is extremely athletic and requires an above average amount of physical exercise and mental stimulation. This breed tends to bore easily. The breed is best suited to a larger, securely fenced yard, but will adapt to a smaller one provided their exercise needs are met.