Belgian Sheepdog

Belgian Sheepdog Overview

A member of the herding group, Belgian Sheepdogs do exceptionally well at herding and guarding. This is an intelligent and affectionate dog breed. They are  best suited to a rural environment, but will adapt to most setting.  The protective instincts of the  breed make them exceptional guard dogs.

Belgian Sheepdog Characteristics

This dog breed is attentive, alert and loving. The breed requires socialization from an early age as they are instinctively protective of their family and territory. Nipping at ankles is a typical trait for the breed as they are instinctive herders.

Belgian Sheepdog Temperament

This dog breed is extremely vital and likes to have a job to do. If insufficiently stimulated or bored, Belgian Sheepdogs can become quite destructive. They usually get along with children, but can tend to be aggressive toward other dogs and pets, unless properly socialized from an early age.

Belgian Sheepdog Care

This is a double coat dog breed that requires quite a lot of maintenance. The long, straight coat needs daily brushing to prevent tangling and matting. Belgian Sheepdogs shed heavily during the warmer seasons and grooming is particularly important at these times.

Belgian Sheepdog Coat

The texture of this dog’s coat is quite harsh and it should be neither silky nor wiry. This dog breed has a full double coat. The outer coat is course, yet soft and the undercoat dense and fluffy

Belgian Sheepdog Training

This dog breed requires firm training and a seasoned handler. The Belgian Sheepdogs are extremely intelligent and likes to please. These dogs excel at obedience and working sport, as they were originally bred for herding.

Belgian Sheepdog Activity

A medium sized yard is preferable for this breed, but given sufficient exercise this breed will adapt to most surroundings