Chinese Crested

Chinese Crested Overview

This is a very popular dog breed. The Chinese Crested is sweet, spirited and affectionate. There are two varieties: hairless and puff. They vary in appearance, but have similar natures. The Chinese Cresteds are intelligent and entertaining dogs. This breed loves to climb and dig holes. The hairless variety does best in a warmer climate, while the powderpuff can thrive in most conditions.

Chinese Crested Characteristics

This is a well-mannered and cheerful dog breed that rarely barks or nips, although they are cautious of strangers. The breed makes a good companion dog, which is generally always cheerful. This dog breed has the ability to excel at obedience and is always will and keen to please their owner.

Chinese Crested Temperament

This dog breed is a devoted member of the family. The Chinese Crested is gentle and playful. This dog breed gets along exceptionally well with children and other animals and is generally a very well-adjusted breed. Although highly alert and intelligent, the dog can tend to be a bit timid should be socialized both during puppy and adulthood.

Chinese Crested Care

This is an extremely clean dog breed that emits virtually no odor. The hairless variety should always be protected from the cold and sun. The hairless Chinese Crested has an extremely sensitive skin that can be protected from sunburn using sunscreen. The powderpuff variety requires daily brushing and trimming to keep the coat clean and matt and tangle free. This dog breed sheds little to no hair.

Chinese Crested Coat

The powderpuff variety has a long coat and the hairless variety only has long hair on the feet and head. The powderpuff Chinese Cresteds require quite a lot of grooming and the hairless minimal hair care.

Chinese Crested Training

This is a very intelligent dog breed that does well at obedience. Consistency is essential for this breed. This breed is relatively sensitive and gentle training methods work best. They are also excellent at performing tricks.

Chinese Crested Activity

This dog breed adapts extremely well to apartment or city living and generally does not require a yard. Regular play sessions are normally sufficient to meet the Chinese Crested’s exercise needs. When outdoors, the hairless Chinese Cresteds should always be protected from harsh sun or cold weather.