English Foxhound

English Foxhound Overview

English Foxhounds are the typical dog pictured when hunting is mentioned. This larger breed dog was created in England to hunt foxes along with their mounted owners. The commonly hunted in packs, flushing out then chasing the fox throughout the fields of England. Foxhounds are known for their low baying howl of a bark, alerting owners to the location of their prey.

English Foxhound Characteristics

Foxhounds are fast, with extended endurance for crossing challenging terrain. They have a loud bay in order to be heard by hunters that may be out of sight.  Foxhounds feature a sleeker body type, and large olfactory organs characteristic of a scent hound. Most foxhounds are a typical tri-colored pattern of white, tan and black.

English Foxhound Temperament

As with most hounds, Fox hounds tend to follow their nose rather than pay attention to their environment. They are very calm and friendly dogs, and fit well together with families. However, they are also very active, and should be with a family that is active. Foxhounds may become escape artists if their nose compels them, and can be prone to wandering off.

English Foxhound Care

Foxhounds tend to live 9-11 years, an average life span for a large breed dog. They are prone to some of the joint problems associated with larger dogs, but there are no reported breed-specific diseases in the Foxhounds.

English Foxhound Coat

A Foxhound’s short coat makes care easy. Foxhounds can be brushed weekly to remove any loose hair in their coat, and should be bathed when needed. Actively hunting foxhounds should be groomed more often to remove any burrs or seeds that accumulate in the fur while out in the field. Their short coat makes care easy.

English Foxhound Training

As scent hounds, Foxhounds may follow their nose rather than follow directions. This may give them the appearance of a stubborn temperament. However, if an owner can overcome the urge to track scents with the nose, Foxhounds are smart and easy to train basic obedience. They do well as hunting companions.

English Foxhound Activity

The English Foxhound is an active breed, and will do better in a location where he or she can run around and get exercise. They may not be suited well for apartment or more “couch-potato” living due to their size and need for activity. Foxhounds should be fenced in secure areas to avoid escape when a scent catches their fancy.