English Setter

English Setter Overview

English Setters were bred for their unique hunting style, or “setting”. The style involves the dog slowly creeping up along to its prey, then setting into a point to show where the prey is to their owner. While slightly divided into the show and field types, Setters today still hold that instinctive pose, even when out of the hunting or show ring.

English Setter Characteristics

English Setters are calm, loyal and loving dogs. They aim to please their owners and are great both in and out of the field. While they can be calm indoors, they do love to be active and exercise whenever possible. They make great and loving family pets.

English Setter Temperament

English Setters are sweet, loving and loyal dogs. They are relatively intelligent, and do well in both traditional hunting, and more modern day family situations.  This dog breed is known to love being close to their humans, and greatly show and long foraffection.

English Setter Care

English Setters have a life span of 10-12 years, typical for a medium to large sized dog.  They do have some health concerns including genetic blindness, and hip dysplasia, which is a common genetic disorder in many large breed sporting type dogs. They are also prone to ear infections due to their longer, floppy ears.

English Setter Coat

Like their Irish counterparts, English Setters have long, feathery coats that require frequent grooming to maintain. Brushing daily will help prevent mats and keep out burrs or other things that stick to the fur when outside. The ears should also be regularly checked and cleaned as needed to prevent ear infections.

English Setter Training

They are eager to please mentality of the English Setter makes them ideal for positive reinforcement training. They do well in a positive, loving style environment, and learn quickly in order to please their owners. Strict or heavy-handed training may intimidate the more docile English Setter. This dog breed also makes great hunting companions.

English Setter Activity

As a hunting dog, English Setters tend to be more active. While they do not require strenuous exercise like some breeds, they do well in a daily walk or hike with their owner if not involved in sports or huntingactivities. They can also make good house pets, and are quick to settle down when indoors.