Finnish Spitz

Finnish Spitz Overview

The predecessors to the Finnish Spitz migrated with their owners from Russia until settling in Finland. The breed has been primarily used for hunting bear and elk, but also hunts smaller game such as birds. The popularity of the breed has made it the national dog of Finland.

Finnish Spitz Characteristics

They are known both for their loyal and loving personality, and their extreme tendency toward barking. They have acquired the name the “barking bird dog” and they can be very vocal. The breed also sports the same long fur and curly tail of other Spitz breeds, however his orange coloration is more distinct from the grays and blacks of other breeds.

Finnish Spitz Temperament

The breed is as independent as he is loving of his family. With proper socialization at an early age, he can become a sweet, gentle family dog. However, he can become standoffish towards outsiders if not properly introduced. They are very loyal, and bond closely with their families.

Finnish Spitz Care

The average lifespan is 12 to 15 years, typical for dogs of similar size and breed. Unlike most other Spitz breeds, however, Finnish Spitz have a low incidence of genetic disorders, and no major genetic disorders are reported in the breed. Regular health checkups should be done however, to ensure good health throughout the Spitz’ lifetime.

Finnish Spitz Coat

The Finnish Spitz sports a long, fluffy coat and undercoat like many of his breed cousins. The curled tail and long coat should be brushed often to prevent matting. The undercoat should also be brushed often to reduce the amount of shedding that occurs and prevent burs or mats from becoming a problem.

Finnish Spitz Training

While loyal to their owners, they are very independent and inclined to do what they want to do, rather than what their owners want. Socialization at a young age is key to having a well-mannered, sociable dog. Short training sessions can help overcome their low attention span and independent streaks.

Finnish Spitz Activity

As a hunting dog, the Finnish Spitz is a very active breed and does best either at work or with regular, vigorous activity. This may include daily jogs or hikes, however caution should be taken to not let the Spitz overheat with his plush coat. Regular, high-energy activity is key to keeping the breed happy.