French Bulldog

French Bulldog Overview

While the French Bulldog sports the French name, their origin is actually British. When British tradesmen moved from Britain to France during the Industrial Revolution, they brought with them their pet bulldogs. They were then interbred with various French breeds to create the loveable, large eared Frenchie seen today.

French Bulldog Characteristics

The most notable feature of this dog breed is their large rounded ears and shortened muzzle. Frenchies also feature the same stocky, low to the ground body of their other Bulldog relatives. Their sweet, easy going and comical nature makes them a very popular pet.

French Bulldog Temperament

French Bulldogs are very sweet and loveable, making great family and house pets. They can have a stubborn streak, however, and may sometimes have a mind of their own in family matters. For the most part however, this breed is a socialite, getting along well with other people and dogs.

French Bulldog Care

This dog breed can live 10 to 12 years, a bit under average for breeds their size. A lot of this shortened lifespan is due to the myriad of genetic diseases associated with the shortened snout and stocky body type. These disease include brachycephalic syndrome, soft palate deformities, vertebral disk diseases, stenotic nares (nostrils) and Von Willebrand’s Disease, a bleeding disorder.

French Bulldog Coat

The short coat of this adorable breed is very easy to maintain and care for. Occasional brushing can help reduce any shedding that occurs. A Frenchies’s ears and nose folds should be kept clean and dry as the many folds in both can harbor bacteria or yeast easily.

French Bulldog Training

The inquisitive nature of this dog breed makes him eager to learn new things. This allows for a friendly and easy to train dog. However, the occasional stubborn streak of the Frenchie may lead to some difficulties in areas of training. Calm, persistent training is key to overcoming these streaks and training a happy dog, especially if there is a reward in it for him.

French Bulldog Activity

The Frenchie is a small breed and does not require much activity. Daily short walks or everyday activities with their owner are more than enough for the Frenchie. A daily game of catch or a fun adventure together are perfect for keeping this dog breed a happy camper.