Giant Schnauzer

Giant Schnauzer Overview

The Giant Schnauzer was originally developed as a cattle-herding dog, and this was his primary job until the widespread introduction of railroads. From there, he transitioned to a guard dog, protecting beer halls and butcher shops in Germany. The Giant Schnauzer is a popular and well-loved dog both in and out of Europe, known for his courage and loyalty.

Giant Schnauzer Characteristics

A wiry gray coat and characteristic beard are they key traits of the Giant Schnauzer. They are known to be fearless in the face of any enemy, especially when protecting a loved one. They also feature a docked tail in the show ring, though natural tails are more common among pets. The natural tail curls playfully over the back of the Schnauzer.

Giant Schnauzer Temperament

o their owners, the Giant Schnauzer can be a loving, friendly and goofy dog, active and playful. However, to outsiders, he may appear spirited and intimidating, especially when the Schnauzer feels the need to protect his family. He is a dog that is willing to protect in the face of any perceived danger.

Giant Schnauzer Care

Giant Schnauzers live on average 10 to 12 years, common for larger breed dogs. A few common diseases run in the lines of the Schnauzer including hip and elbow dysplasia and hypothyroidism. They can also be prone to bloat, or Gastric Dilation and Volvulus (GDV) as well as toe cancers.

Giant Schnauzer Coat

The wiry coat and beard of the Giant Schnauzer should be should be regularly brushed and trimmed to keep it in pristine shape. They do have an undercoat, but it rarely sheds compared to the coats of other dogs. The beard, eyebrows and ears of the Schnauzer must be trimmed to keep it in order and prevent matting.

Giant Schnauzer Training

The Giant Schnauzer is not for the novice owner. They are very intelligent and pick things up quickly, however they can become very protective if not properly socialized. Socialization with everything from puppyhood is critical in keeping the Giant Schnauzer sociable with others. His natural instincts to guard and protect are also very strong.

Giant Schnauzer Activity

If not kept active and entertained, the Giant Schnauzer can quickly become bored. This boredom can lead to a very destructive streak. Regular, vigorous exercise combined with mental stimulation is the perfect way to keep him happy. He should be taken on long hikes or walks, or let run for long periods of time to get out all the energy cooped up inside.