How much does it cost to spay a dog?

Maybe you are a dog owner for the first time in your life and you feel confused. It is almost normal to be so. You have to start from the very beginning with getting to know all the information about dogs and things they need. And you’ve just heard that dogs need to be sprayed. As you know that it’s not very cheap to ensure your dog the best conditions, now you might wonder which the cost to spray a dog is.

Photo by Dimitar Nikolov

There is no general answer to this question, but I’ll try to help you as much as possible. As there are many factors that can influence these costs, you must know that the costs are somewhere between 50$ and 400$. There is a big difference between the lowest and the highest price listed here, right? Let’s see what makes this difference.

You must know that the cost to spray a dog differs from vet to vet. And this is something normal. As any other service one can do to you, you must understand that the quality of the service is the one who establish the price at first. A vet who can guarantee that the procedure of spraying is well done and there won’t be any problems after, might work for a longer time to spray your dog, and for higher costs than another one who do not really care. Some vets work for lower prices but the quality is like the price. And if you pay less for the spraying procedure, you will have to visit him all over again for different procedures because your dog might have some severe reactions to the spraying. And you will pay the difference anyway.

Other causes for the price difference in cost to spray a dog can be:

  • the breed of your do. Yes, it is true, the breed of the dog really matters. If your dog belongs to an overpopulated breed, costs might be lower than you can imagine.
  • The size of your dog and his weight is also very important. It is normal to have higher prices for spraying a big dog.
  • Some vets won’t spray your dog unless he has all his vaccinations. If the vaccination has not been done in time, you will have to pay for it now, and that’s why the cost to spray a dog might be higher for you than for others.
  • The location of the clinic where you want to spray your dog can influence the cost too. For example a clinic situated in a very populated area charges more than others.
  • A private clinic will charge a higher price than a clinic from a dog shelter or clinics associated with human societies.
  • Another factor with high influence on the cost to spray a dog will be the recovering period. Vets usually provide post-operative actions, but certain dogs might need some extra care that is not included in the charge of spraying and you will have to pay some extra money for it.

One thing is sure: if you spray your dog, you will have a lot of benefits, and it worth to pay the charge to a good vet to spray him. Is your dog sprayed yet?