How to spot cancer in dogs?

The cancer is not just a human disease, these days you will hear a lot about cancer in dogs. This health problem is the number one killer disease that you can find in dogs. If a human is diagnosed with cancer, the treatments can help a little bit but in most of the cases people are not healed. It is a very serious problem that everyone is afraid of. I am afraid for me and my family. As you consider that your dog is equal to any member of your family I am sure that you are very worried for him too. Let’s see some information about cancer in dogs.

Cancer in dogs
Photo by Matt Phillips

If you notice that your dog has lumps and bumps under his skin you must start to worry. It is true, not all lumps and bumps mean cancer but those who do not go by themselves in a short while and those who grow day by day can be a real danger. As I told you, they are not necessarily signs of cancer but the best thing you can do for the best of your dog and for your peace is to take your dog to a vet who will take a biopsy from your dog and in a short while he should be able to tell you if your dog is in danger or not.

If you take a lot of care of your dog, if you groom him very well and you know that your dog must smell well but instead of this you can feel some abnormal odors you might have to worry too. It is not normal for a well  groomed dog to smell bad, this is why you must take your dog to a vet in case that you remark that the mouth, the nose or the ears of your dog smell very bad. These can be signs of other diseases too, no matter what they are, if they are not normal you should ask for the advice of your vet.

The wounds that do not heal in several days can also be very dangerous for your dog. Yes, they can be the signs of an infection, of a skin disease, but it surely can be cancer in dogs.  Do not wait too long to see if your dog does not get well because the situation can worsen and you do not want that. If you observe that your dog is suddenly losing the weight you must know that this is a problem you should tell your vet about all together with the other symptoms. Of course that your dog will also lose his appetite and if you sleuth the meals of your dog carefully you will surely notice if this is the case for your dog or not. The pain can also be one of the signs for cancer in dogs. In most of the cases pain means that your dog has some health problems and not always cancer. In most of the cases it is not cancer but if your dog has bone cancer he will surely feel a strong pain and you will observe it.

If your dog has one of these symptoms it does not mean that your dog has cancer, but if you notice two or three of them it is the time to worry. If you care for your dog take him to the vet as soon as possible and try to solve all his health problems.