Is Advantix for dogs any good?

What is Advantix and why is it highly recommended to use it? Advantix for dogs is a very good parasticide that fights against the external parasites that your dog has to fight. It is a product specially developed for dogs and that’s why you will be amazed how fast and well it can work. Not only that it fights against the parasites, but it also reduces the risk of diseases transmission and the stress of your dog.

Photo by Everton Yamamoto

You can use Advantix for dogs only if your dog is seven weeks old or older. The dosages vary according to your dog’s size, so please do not administrate a high dosage to a small dog because it can be dangerous.

In order to apply it easier your dog must be standing. That’s why, decide to do this when your dog is in good shape and train him well to stand at your command. Apply the content of Advantix for dogs on your dog’s back in two or three spots, starting from the shoulder to the tail. Where you decide to leave the Advantix spot part the hair until you can see dog’s skin and then leave a portion of solution on the skin. Do not leave too much liquid in one spot because it might run off the side of your dog. If your dog belongs to a large breed, you can apply the solution on five to six spots.

Advantix for dogs has to be administrated to your dog once a month in order to be sure that your dog is completely protected against the parasites. You must know that it is a product just for dogs and you aren’t allowed to use it on cats or other pets. That’s why it is better to keep your dog in the crate for about one hour until the liquid dries if you have other pets in your house.

One very important thing that you must know about Advantix for dogs is that it is waterproof. So, you don’t have to reapply it if you take a bath to your dog several days after the application. Nor if your dog becomes wet because he stays in the rain or an accident happened. Remember, what you apply once is available for one entire month.

I also have a warning for you: do not use more than one tube of Advantix at one time. Try to distribute it so that it will be enough for the entire surface you want to cover. It should be enough if you use the right dosage type for your dog. You must know that you can find it on different colours, according to the fated dog size. The colours of the tubes are: extra-large blue, large red, medium teal and small green.

If you don’t make confusions between these dosage types and you provide your dog exactly what he needs, you can change your dog’s fight with parasites into a game. You will no longer have troubles and headaches because of them. Do you want to live a secure healthy life next to your dog? It is possible. Just do what I just told you and one of your problems can be completely solved.