Main causes of colitis in dogs

Colitis in dogs refers to an inflammation of the dog’s colon. Colitis is a digestive disease that appears in dogs, humans and other animals as well. I must tell you from the very beginning that colitis in dogs can be very painful, this is why I want you to know everything about it so that you can help your dog as much as possible if you really care for him. And I believe that you do care and that the most important thing for you is that your dog feels as good as possible with you as an owner.

Photo by Andreas Beutel

Here I give you some potential causes of colitis in dogs and I want you to read carefully about each of them if you want to prevent your dog to have this health problem. The stress is a very common problem these days and it can lead to many diseases. If we are stressed you must know that we transmit this estate to our dogs. Or if your dog is not comfortable with a situation but you force him to deal with it, you can cause your dog a lot of stress. It might not be the stress itself causing the health problem, but it can surely worsen the situation and the condition of your dog.

Some other causes can be: intestinal worms, especially whipped worms, irritable bowel syndrome, fungal infections, salmonella, giardia, food allergies, injury or trauma of the colon because of external factors or eating inappropriate diet for dogs. If you believe that you expose your dog to any of these risks, please have him treated before the situation gets worse.

Now you will ask how you can notice that your dog is suffering from colitis. This is why I will give you some symptoms of colitis in dogs that should worry you from the first glance and that should make you take your dog to the doctor. Diarrhea, especially if there is also blood in it is one of the specific signs of the colitis. Some others are: pain when defecating, soft faeces, frequent flatulence, frequent need to go to the toilet, straining to pass stools, weight loss, pain or inflammation of the lower body and even cramps.

Now that you know about the signs I tell you once again: take your dog to the doctor when you notice any of them. Do not wait too long because the situation can worsen and you might be sorry. Not to mention that your dog will be suffering a lot. Your vet will diagnose the colitis. You just notice the symptoms, but it is the vet that diagnoses it and recommends you the right treatment. Never treat your dog according to what you hear here and there. Sometimes I am afraid to talk in my articles about the treatment of a disease because I am afraid that people will try those treatments before going to the vet. And it is not always the same treatment that should be applied. It depends on the phase and on the gravity of the disease. Because colitis in dogs is a very serious health problem, I tell you this much: take your dog to the vet and obey whatever he tells you that you have to do from now on.