Using the right Benadryl dosage for dogs

I think you have heard about Benadryl and you know that you can use it for your dog too, the only thing that you need to answer is what should be the Benadryl dosage for dogs. This is what I will tell you today and we will learn together how this medication can help your dog.

Photo by amanda farah

Benadryl is a medication used to treat allergies for both humans and animals. From all the pets, it is highly recommended to be used on dogs. It proved to have good results during the time and this is why many vets highly recommend it. Of course, the dosage is different than how it is for humans. Just to give you a clue, check this table with Benadryl dosage for dogs and see where your dog is.

Your dog’s weight Recommended dose of   Benadryl                             Maximum dose of Benadryl
5 pounds 5 mg 5 mg
10 pounds 10 mg 10 mg
15 pounds 15 mg 15 mg
20 pounds 20 mg 20 mg
30 pounds 30 mg 30 mg
40 pounds 40 mg 40 mg
50 pounds 50 mg 50 mg
75 pounds 75 mg 75 mg
100 pounds 100 mg 100 mg
125 pounds 125 mg 125 mg
150 pounds 150 mg 150 mg
175 pounds 175 mg 175 mg

Benadryl is important to be used when your dog has mild to moderate allergies. It might not work very well with strong allergies, this is why you should try some other treatment for them. Some symptoms that can indicate the fact that your dog may have an allergy are: itchy skin, irritations, sneezing, scratching, irritated eyes, red skin between your dog’s toes, and others. What you must know is that Benadryl treats the sign of the allergy and not the actual cause of the allergy. So, do not imagine that if you use Benadryl your dog’s problem will be solved. You still have to see a vet and pass through a series of medical examinations in order to establish the actual cause of your dog’s allergy.

You must know something very important about Benadryl for dogs. It is highly recommended that you only give your dog the Benadryl that contains the drug diphenhydramine. Why is that? This is the one that is safe for humans and dogs in the same time. If you use another formula of Benadryl, it can be very dangerous or your dog. All the other formulas may contain some ingredients that in some cases can be toxic for your dog. So please be very attentive and do not cause any harm to your dog because of some medication you give him. It is always better to consult your vet before administrating any Benadryl dosage for dogs because if he exams the dog he will be able to tell if Benadryl can help in your dog’s case or you should try some other treatments. If you really can’t see him today and you see that your dog has an allergy, you can give him Benadryl but see your vet as soon as possible. Medication shouldn’t be an option for every minor problem of your dog. If you think that there are chances to solve your dog’s problems in another way, please try other natural ways first.