When and how should we use antibiotics for dogs?

This time we will discuss about antibiotics for dogs. It is a very delicate subject because the truth is that if your dog really needs antibiotics it means that he is sick. And nobody likes such a situation. But it can happen to anyone. And you must know what to do in this case.

Photo by Allan Foster

If your dog gets really sick the very first thing you must do is to make a visit to your vet. Never give your dog any kind of medication without a vet’s advice. It’s too dangerous because you might not know the secondary reactions that may occur and you can cause much more harm than help. Do you want this? Because I don’t want this to happen, not even to my enemies.

So, even if you follow your vet’s recommendations, you must know what are the antibiotics for dogs that he can suggest you to administrate. But first of all, let’s see which the cases are when your dog needs to take antibiotics for dogs.

There are antibiotics used for:

  • Fungal infections
  • Viral infections
  • Protozal infections.
  • Bacterial infections

No matter what is the infection that you must treat, always ask your vet’s opinion about it. I made some researches before writing this, but what you read here shouldn’t replace the visit to your vet. If your dog is really sick you need a professional help and this is what vets are.

The goal of antibiotics is to harm your dog when he is in a very bad situation. A big mistake that many people make is to put their dogs on antibiotics whenever they get sick. This is a very big mistake. If you did it before, don’t do it again. And I’ll tell you why. Even if a certain dog antibiotic helped your dog once or twice, you shouldn’t give it to him all the time when that very specific disease appears. Try to give him some other medication, because your dog might become very resistant to antibiotics and when you will really have serious problems, antibiotics will no longer help you. I’m sure that you received the very same advice for you too. And it’s the same about dogs. Don’t make your dog resistant to antibiotics because you never know when he can get really sick and there will be nothing that you or your vet can do to save him from the situation.

 Most of the human antibiotics work just great for your dog too. But some of them can make your dog even worse or kill him. That’s why do not administrate any antibiotic medication to your dog without knowing your vet’s opinion. Don’t trust everything that you read on the internet. You can’t know who wrote those things and how much experience that person has. We are talking about your dog’s life here, and I think that it is very important for you. Antibiotics for dogs are good but not necessary every time your dog gets sick. Be aware enough and if you see that there is another solution that can help your dog as well, try that first.do you agree?