Irish Terrier

Irish Terrier Overview

Like the other older breeds of Ireland, the Irish Terrier is believed to be an old breed, and one of the oldest known Terrier breeds. He was bred to help protect the family property by ridding it of vermin such as mice and rats, and also protecting the members of the family. The breed is a friendly, loyal and loveable dog, popular today.

Irish Terrier Characteristics

The breed features a fiery red coat and slightly curled hair. The characteristic beard and body shape of the Irish Terrier makes it appear similar to other breeds such as the Schnauzer or Wheaten Terrier.

Irish Terrier Temperament

While friendly and loyal, their independent and plucky nature has earned them the nickname of “Daredevil”. The breed is very brave and playful, with a bit of independence tossed in. However, this does not make them any less loyal or loving to their family. They make a great companion even for children.

Irish Terrier Care

The average life span of the Irish Terrier is 12 to 14 years, slightly above average compared to other dogs of similar size. There are no reported breed-specific diseases, however routine veterinary checkups and preventive care are always a good idea in preventing health issues.

Irish Terrier Coat

The coat of this breed should be hand plucked several times a year to help keep it clear of mats and allow dead hair to be removed. Regular brushing and combing is also a good idea to keep the wiry hair looking its best. The coat rarely sheds, making it a good choice for people who dislike hair or may be allergic.

Irish Terrier Training

Irish Terriers are very intelligent and quick to pick things up, however their short attention spans may make them look otherwise. Short training sessions are best for keeping his attention, or performing activities that keep him interested. Hunting vermin is always a fun sport for the breed.

Irish Terrier Activity

A combination of physical and mental exercise is great for this dog. He is a very solid breed, and athletic activity of all kinds is enjoyable. Keeping both the mind and body occupied will keep him happy, and out of trouble.