Japanese Chin

Japanese Chin Overview

It is unknown if the precursor to the Japanese Chin originated in China or Korea, however the breed itself became defined and popularized in Japan. Ancient palaces depicted the Chin as a dog for aristocrats, much like the Cavalier Spaniels in Europe. It was considered a high honor to be gifted a Japanese Chin.

Japanese Chin Characteristics

The Chin features a long fluffy coat, framing a curled over the back tail and flattened, almost comical face. The breed is a small dog, perfect for fitting in the sleeves of noble dresses, or these days, comfortably on a lap. Their demanding, yet loving nature makes them popular pets around the world.

Japanese Chin Temperament

The Japanese Chin can be very demanding, yet makes up for it with a charming and loving nature. They love to be around people, and will solicit attention quite often. Their favorite place is anywhere their owners may be. Socialization at an early age is best, especially if the Chin is to be around children or other small animals.

Japanese Chin Care

The average lifespan of this breed is 10 to 12 years, much less than average for other dogs their size. Breed concerns include cataracts, heart murmurs and patellar luxation. The breed may also be prone to breathing problems and skin issues around the face due to the flattened, or brachycephalic face.

Japanese Chin Coat

The coat of the Chin is hair like and sheds little, however just as with human hair, it should be brushed regularly to prevent mats and tangles. Care should also be taken around the ears, eyes and snout as skin issues can occur as well as tear staining from the large eyes of the Chin.

Japanese Chin Training

Positive reinforcement works best with this intelligent breed. Japanese Chins quickly pick up on tricks and other fun activities, and were often taught tricks in ancient times to entertain royalty. Socialization is also important for teaching manners, especially around children and other pets.

Japanese Chin Activity

Short, small exercise bursts are all the Chin needs, and activity following around humans on their daily chores is plenty. Fun activities, including spending as much time as possible with human companions, is what these dogs crave.