Finding the best dog food for sensitive stomachs

Just like for humans, dogs are different too. One man for example can eat extra chili food while another one can’t eat at all. Dogs have the same problem too. What’s good for my dog is not necessary good for your dog and vice verse.

Photo by chrisinphilly5448

Today we’ll discuss about dogs with sensitive stomachs and the best dog food for sensitive stomachs. First, how do you know that your dog has a sensitive stomach? If it happens to your dog to vomit occasionally, to have diarrhea or excessive flatulence, these can be symptoms of a sensitive stomach. But first, you should check if this is what really happens to your dog, because these can also be the causes for some bigger problems like pancreatitis and allergies. Another cause for the symptoms is that you change your dog’s food too often and is stomach can’t adapt to these changes.

But, if you find out that the real problem of your dog is his sensitive stomach, first step to be followed is to find dog food for sensitive stomachs.

In dog’s food, we have three options to make: commercial food, raw food and homemade food. The most common food is the commercial food because it is easy to find and not very expensive.

As for commercial food, there are some things that you must know. Food companies produce a large variety of dog food,  and they often think only about their own financial benefits and not to your dog’s health. That’s why, they use a lot of chemicals and sweeteners to ensure a good taste and many preservatives to keep the food for a long period of time. These can cause serious problems to your dog’s sensitive stomach.

Another thing you should know about commercial food is that they use cheap ingredients, and sometimes of bad quality. That’s why, before deciding what to buy, pay a lot of attention to the ingredients mentioned as contents. Some of the ingredients you will meet in dog’s food aren’t easy to digest, and more than that, many of them have no nutritional value. Examples of such ingredients are chicken byproduct, corn, corn syrup, wheat bran, peanut hulls, beef and too much salt.

Instead of these ingredients, the best dog food for sensitive stomachs should be rich in oatmeal, rice, cottage cheese, sweet potato and chicken the meat, not the byproduct. I’ll give you some examples of some brands that produce good dog food for sensitive stomachs and who do not use chemicals, sweeteners, preservatives or too much salt. These brands are: Flint River Ranch, Natural Balance, Pinnacle Duck, Breeder’s Choice and California Natural.

In my opinion, a better choice you can make is the homemade food. You know what you put there and you can avoid the use of preservatives and artificial flavors. This doesn’t mean you have to cook every day foe your dog. As you know, homemade food can be refrigerated and preserved even for weeks. But this way you certainly know what your dog is eating and I think that the homemade food is the best dog food for sensitive stomachs.

So, do what’s best for your dog and he’ll reward you with a lot of love and eternal friendship.