Read this before buying Avoderm dog food

If we want to classify Avoderm dog food on a scale we can say that it is somewhere in the middle, or from the middle to the top of the scale. They have a very diversified production line that offers the consumers ten dry dog foods, some of them being for growth, others for maintenance and others for all life stages. We will refer today to these foods and will see how good they can be for our dogs. What makes a food to be good or bad are the ingredients that are used to produce that food.

Photo by zhao hui

Most of the time we look for natural ingredients. And this is a very important aspect but it is not enough. Your dog needs more than that. It really matters which are the ingredients that are being used because the nutritional value that they have is extremely important. It is not enough to buy a basket let’s say, full with natural foods that are not nutrient enough. You will imagine that you can feed your dog a lot of time with those foods but you will realize that your dog is still hungry even if he eats a lot. How does it come? It is very easy.

Some food can only give the feeling of being full for a very short while after eating but because of the fact that there are not too many nutrients in that food your dog will soon be hungry and you will see him nervous, checking everything around, because he is looking for food. Imagine what he feels and imagine how you can feel when you will notice it. Be well informed with all the ingredients that a good dog food has to contain and check on the label of the food that you want to buy from the store to see if it satisfy the necessities of your dog or not. If you think that it is not good enough, you would better do not buy it. Search for some other food. You must take a lot of time when you go shopping for the dog food, at least for the first times, until you will get to know the food that is good and the one that you do not want to feed your dog.

This is what we are going to do with Avoderm dog food. We will take into discussion Avoderm natural large breed adult formula that is frequently used and we will start to analyze it. First of all we notice that the main ingredient is chicken meal and this is very good. Then, we will notice that it also contains brown rice, white rice, oatmeal, salmon meal, rice bran and avocado. Looking just to the ingredient you may say that Avoderm dog food is just what your dog needs. But you have to take care with the product meat content that is not as high as it should be. It is not a good idea to replace the proteins that a dog needs with carbohydrates and others just to keep a low price.

So, do not fall in the traps of some food producers companies that make food like Avoderm dog food which seems to be very good at first but if you look carefully you realize that it is not as good as it looks.