The best dog foods that money can buy

It is very hard to say which the best dog foods are. Why is that? Not only that there are a lot of dog foods on the market and we have to make a lot of research before establishing which one is the best, but we also have to take into account the fact that certain food is good for puppies, adult dogs have different nutritional needs, dogs with different health problems are having some other restrictions. This is why we will discuss about dog food in general. What it should contain and what it should not. Are you ready to follow me and to decide together what kind of food you will feed your dog from now on?

Photo by Jay Melnick

When we say that certain food is one of the best dog foods we refer to the quality first of all. This is the most important item that we must consider. This is why I will tell you how to find out if the ingredients used to produce certain dog food are high quality or low quality ingredients. To know what kind of ingredients are used you must check the labels of the product every time before buying it. On the labels must be mentioned every ingredient and its source. If the source of the ingredient is not specified you may have reasons to worry. They do not mention it because they do not want you to know it. If they have something to hide it means that there are some bad things that are to be hidden. Otherwise I do not see the reason of hiding. Nobody wants to hide good things. They are always promoted. If certain company is using high quality products to produce a healthy food for your dog it will surely be mentioned on the label.

Besides the quality of the ingredients you also have to see the percentage of each ingredient that is used so that you can calculate the nutritional value of a dog food. A food can be made of high quality ingredients but if they are not nutrient enough I see no reason why to use it. You will have a hungry dog all the time in your house and instead of enjoying being together  it will be a hard charge as he will bag for food all the time and you might not understand him because he just ate.

Still, I can say without having the fear to be wrong that the best dog foods are those that you prepare yourself for your dog. This way you will know the content, you will know the quality of the food that your dog is eating and you have no reasons to be afraid that chemicals contained in dog food from the shelves will affect the health of your dog. This is why, if you have time and you like cooking, I advise you to search for some good food recipes and start making them for your dog. They will surely be the best dog foods that your dog ever had.