Which is the best canned dog food that money can buy

Not all of us have time to cook for our friend, even if we want to. Maybe you are a busy person and sometimes is hard to find some free time for yourself. But you still want what’s best for your dog and that’s why you want to choose the best canned dog food for him.

Photo by zhao hui

How can you know which canned dog food are the best? It’s simple. Read the labels and convince yourself. First of all you must learn about the ingredients your dog needs in his daily diet, and what he shouldn’t eat. Which food has enough nutrient value and which one doesn’t? Which nutriment contains enough vitamins and which doesn’t? First find the answer to these questions, and than you will be able to choose the best canned dog food for your beloved dog.

Now, let me give you some clue answers to all these questions.

In the best canned dog food the source of fat or animal protein must be named, even if it is an organ meat or a muscle tissue. There must be written “beef, chicken, buffalo, beef liver” and so on, depending on the content. If the food source is not named you must know that the company who produced that food used a very bad quality of fat source and you don’t want your dog to eat that for sure.

If the canned food contains vegetables of whole grains ad byproducts, they have to be named on the second or the third position, not lower. If that’s the case, it means that vegetables and grains are used in a small quantity and the can if filled with other cheaper things you don’t want your dog to eat.

There are some canned food on which is mentioned “supplemental or intermittent” use only. This food will not be nutrient enough for your dog, you may just use them from time to time just for diversification of your dog’s food, but they should be accompanied by some high nutritional food as well.

Food that contains a lot of preservatives isn’t good at all for your dog. If there is a very long period between production date and expiration date, this is the case: too many preservatives. This food usually contains artificial flavors and colors, and all these can cause health problems for your dog in the near future, and you don’t want that, do you?

If you find on the food labels “meat byproduct” or “chicken byproduct” avoid buying them, they more likely aren’t the best canned dog food that you want. It takes a lot of time to food companies to get those byproducts and that’s why you can not know that on this process of a few days these products are kept clean and refrigerated. Because there is no way for you to know that, is better to avoid buying them than to ascertain later that you made a big mistake.             I hope I gave you some clues of how to choose the best canned dog food and you will make good choices from now on!