Which is the best dog food for boxers?

If you want your boxer to live a long and healthy life, you have to pay a lot of attention and choose the best dog food for boxers. Why is that? Everything starts with the diet. If he eats what he has to eat, your boxer will have enough energy to be in shape all the time, to be able to obey your trainings, to play and to make you happy.

Photo by cuatrok77

As you know, your boxer is a very active animal, he makes a lot of exercises and that’s why his nutrition has to be rich and specialist advice that they have to be feed three times a day, because this way they can better assimilate nutrients. This is for the time when your boxer is young. As he gets older, he does less activity and the nutrients he needs from nutrition are lower.

There are three choices for you when you search for the best dog food for boxers: commercial food, homemade food and a raw diet.

Very often people choose commercial food, which is the most common and easy to get. Is it the best dog food for your boxer? Unfortunately there is no right answer for such a question. Why is that? Because every dog is different, has specific needs and tastes. That’s why you should make a little research to see what’ the best dog food for your boxer. If you buy commercial food for your boxer, pay attention to the ingredients listed. Your boxer needs a lot of meat, therefore check to see if there is enough amount of meat in the food you buy. Ingredients like corn, wheat and soy must be avoided because they aren’t good at all for your dog. They don’t contain enough nutrients and they also can cause allergies. They are used as ingredients by dog producers companies because they are cheap.

Another thing you must notice is that if the food contains meat, there has to be written what kind of meat. You have to see there written “chicken” for example, not just meat. If it’s the second case, it means that the meat they used it’s of very bad quality and the producer couldn’t mention it or didn’t wanted to mention it.

A danger that may occur for your boxer when eating is choking. As you may know, boxer eats their food very quick. So, take care to choose the best dog food for boxers in order to avoid this problem too. Another way that may help you with this problem is that you give your boxer little amount of food at a time, or you can buy your dog a special bowl with obstacles, and this will force your dog to eat slowly.

As any other dog, your boxer needs treats too. How you choose the right treats to help you using the best food dog for boxers? According to what I’ve said before about food. And for treats there are some human food highly recommended for your boxer, like cheese, natural peanut butter, raw fruit and veggies and boiled chicken.

Remember: the best dog food for your boxers means a better condition, a good and long life for your boxer. Don’t you want this for your dog?