Smooth Fox Terrier

Smooth-Fox-Terrier Fox-Terrier (Smooth)

Smooth Fox Terrier Overview

The Fox Terrier is an old English breed used in the 1700s by hunters who needed a compact, energy-bound dog to go after the game. They were bred to be quick thinkers that relied on instinct rather than looking to their owners for direction. Two types of Fox Terrier exist, the smooth and wire hair, differing only by coat type. However, some enthusiasts believe that the two coat types of Fox Terrier may actually have different origins completely.

Smooth Fox Terrier Characteristics

Smooth Fox Terriers feature a short, stubby tail and triangular ears, giving them an intelligent and curious look. Their short coat and lithe body help them to chase down game and dig into holes as needed. They feature a mostly white body, making them easy to see on trails, but may include darker markings on the head or back.

Smooth Fox Terrier Temperament

The Fox Terrier is full of energy and makes a great active pet for families. Friendly and alert, the breed enjoys time with people and gets along well with children. Around other dogs, socialization from puppyhood is needed to prevent upset, and the breed should be kept away from smaller pets that may be seen as prey. The breed also does not do well being left alone and may vocalize his upset.

Smooth Fox Terrier Care

The Fox Terrier lives on average 12 to 15 years, typical for a small-sized breed. Health concerns are numerous and include diseases such as congenital heart disease, deafness related to white coat color, glaucoma, distichiasis (abnormal eyelash growth), Legg-Calve-Perthes disease, lens luxation and skin allergies. Good veterinary care can help treat any underlying conditions and keep the Fox Terrier healthy.

Smooth Fox Terrier Coat

Little care is needed to help keep the Fox Terrier’s coat in good shape. A hound or grooming glove weekly will help remove dead hairs from the coat and keep the skin stimulated. If the Fox Terrier is experiencing skin allergies, a good medication regime and care of the skin can help keep it in good condition.

Smooth Fox Terrier Training

Intelligent and independent, the Fox Terrier may decide to take training into his own hands if not kept in line. However, he is also eager to please and responds well to patience and positive reinforcement training. Keeping him engaged and occupied will help make training go more smoothly.

Smooth Fox Terrier Activity

The Smooth Fox Terrier is great for those with small spaces, however, he still needs a moderate amount of exercise daily to rein in his energy levels. Daily play sessions, a long walk or even hikes and adventures allowing him to scent and hunt will keep the Fox Terrier happy. Keeping him mentally occupied will also prevent boredom behaviors from becoming a problem.