Spinone Italiano

Spinone Italiano Overview

An all-Italian breed, the Spinone Italiano has been used as a gundog in Italy since ancient times. The breed is renowned for its great tracking and scenting abilities conjoined with a soft mouth for retrieval. The breed also excels in cold or wet conditions due to a protective coat. The breed is still a popular hunting dog for use throughout Italy.

Spinone Italiano Characteristics

The breed features a soft wiry coat that helps protect it from the elements. Coats come in a variety of colors with the two most common being a lemon color and a browner and liver “German Pointer” color. The breed features a blocky head and may have a beard and mustache when show groomed. Some owners keep the coat long, giving the breed an overall shaggy appearance.

Spinone Italiano Temperament

Like most gun and retrieval dogs, this dog breed is gentle, calm and loving. He can be shy, however, unless socialized with strangers and other animals. However, he is loving and affectionate toward his family, and loves children, other dogs, and other animals. As an adult, he is calm, loving but still prone to playfulness.

Spinone Italiano Care

On average, the Spinone lives 12 to 14 years, good for a large sized dog. Few health concerns are reported, however, some include cerebellar ataxia and hip dysplasia. Careful selection and testing of parents for hip dysplasia can help reduce incidence in litters and provide healthier puppies.

Spinone Italiano Coat

Their coat is extremely easy to care for and requires only weekly brushing to remove any dead or loose hairs. Professional grooming can be done to keep the beard and other feathering trimmed, however, it is not needed. The coat does well in almost any environment.

Spinone Italiano Training

Intelligent and quick to learn, the Spinone will easily pick up tasks, that is if he feels he should be learning them. The breed can be slow to perform tasks unless they feel there is a reason for their doing so. Patience and positive reinforcement will help with this, providing motivation for training.

Spinone Italiano Activity

Daily walks and jogs or other time spent outdoors will help keep the Spinone in shape. Play sessions or time in a fenced yard to “hunt” will help take care of exercise needs and keep the breed mentally stimulated. Giving the breed fun tasks such as with games of fetch or play retrieval will help keep him happy and feeling purposeful.