Standard Schnauzer

Standard Schnauzer Overview

The Schnauzer has its origins as a farm dog of Germany. Originally there were no size standards for the breed, so the Schnauzer was interbred and differently sized. They were good for hunting vermin, great family pets and larger dogs helped pull carts and guard livestock. As the different sizes became more specialized in their jobs, the Standard Schnauzer developed, and is thought to be the oldest standardized size of Schnauzer.

Standard Schnauzer Characteristics

Schnauzers feature both pricked and triangular ears with a short tail and close-cropped coat. They also feature a characteristic beard, giving them a dignified look. Their coats are available in a variety of colors, the most common being salt and pepper, or pure black.

Standard Schnauzer Temperament

The dog breed is known as both spirited and loyal, making the Schnauzer a great companion, hunter, tracker, guard, and retrieval dog. They love to perform and be admired, and are great with children. The breed can be protective, especially if they feel their families are in danger. However, Schnauzers are typically even-tempered and friendly toward those that are friendly toward them.

Standard Schnauzer Care

13 to 16 years is the average lifespan of the Standard Schnauzer, good for a dog of their size. Health concerns may include cataracts, follicular (hair shaft) dermatitis and hip dysplasia. Other concerns may include metabolic disorders and chronic ear infections and anal gland impaction.

Standard Schnauzer Coat

The coat of the Schnauzer minimally sheds and requires little brushing to remove any dead hairs. Show-styled Schnauzers may be hand-stripped to maintain the coat, while pets may be clipped or trimmed as needed to maintain the bearded look and cleaner and easier to maintain legs.

Standard Schnauzer Training

Standard Schnauzers are intelligent and brave, learning tricks quickly. However, their independent nature can sometimes work against them, making them want to perform obedience on their own terms, rather than on the owner’s. Patience and rewarding good behavior can help teach the Standard Schnauzer that training is in his best interest too.

Standard Schnauzer Activity

The dog breed requires lots of exercise which include lots of walks, playtime and off-leash play. As a versatile and intelligent breed, they also excel in dog sports such as agility, obedience competitions or fly-ball. These activities can help burn off excess energy and keep the Schnauzer mentally fit at the same time.