Tibetan Spaniel

Tibetan Spaniel Overview

The Tibetan Spaniel has been a mainstay in Tibetan monasteries for centuries. The monks carried the dogs around in their robes to keep warm during winter as well as performing other tasks. There are even rumors that these dogs turned the prayer wheels! Similar to Lhasa Apsos, this dog breed was a symbol of good luck to the monks.

Tibetan Spaniel Characteristics

This dog breed features the similar smashed “lion” face of many other breeds coming from this region. The style of face was said to resemble a lion and to bring more acclaim to the dogs. They also sport a curled tail and triangular ears, giving them a sweet and friendly appearance. While tan is the most common color, the breed comes in a variety of shades.

Tibetan Spaniel Temperament

They are the ultimate companion breed. They love to spend time with their owners and are always eager to please. Their intelligence helps them learn quickly and their tricks often make them the center of attention. While suspicious of strangers, they will warm up and become friendly toward all.

Tibetan Spaniel Care

The average lifespan of this dog breed is 14 years, typical for a toy-sized dog. Some health concerns include portosystemic shunts (liver shunt) and progressive retinal atrophy. Breathing problems, as well as skin allergies or infections around the face and eyes, may also occur due to their shortened snouts.

Tibetan Spaniel Coat

They shed seasonally, as well as a little year round. Occasional brushing and combing will help to reduce the amount of hairs shed. However, daily care is needed during the shedding season to prevent mats and hairballs from forming in the environment. No professional grooming is required.

Tibetan Spaniel Training

Eager to please, this dog does best with learning things related to being in the home. This is a breed that is easily motivated and will do with a motivated and positive trainer. Short sessions with lots of motivation and reward will keep the Tibetan Spaniel from becoming bored during training.

Tibetan Spaniel Activity

As a toy breed, this dog breed does not require much exercise. However, he does love to be where his people are, and if that involves outdoor activities, he is game to tag along. Daily play sessions with family, exploration of the house and outdoors, and other fun activities that involve both dog and people will make them the happiest.