Big dogs that don’t shed

One very important criteria when choosing a dog is shedding. Many of us don’t want a dog that sheds a lot because we don’t want to clean the mess or some of us have allergies.

Photo by Stephan van der Kruis

The truth is that all the dogs shed, unless you decide to take a hairless breed, but you might not like them too much, or you might just prefer a dog breed with hair. The only difference is that some dogs just shed more than others. Maybe you were thinking to take a small breed dog, even if you like big breeds, just because you are thinking about shedding and all the mess he can do in your house. You must know that there are several big dog breeds that shed less than many small breed dogs. I will tell you about them today.

Dogs shed to get rid of their old hair and most of them have shedding periods when they lose much more hair. The worse thing is when the shedding period happens to be on winter. During these periods, dogs needs a lot of grooming. Very often it is enough to groom your dog with a simple brush, but sometimes he might need some special care. The idea is that if shedding period happens to be in winter, you will have to clean your dog’s clothes. Another inconvenience is the fact that in winter your dog and you spend most of the time in house, and his hair will fall all over.

I am sure that because of these reasons you were thinking about big dogs that don’t shade. Now, you must know that there aren’t any big dogs that don’t shed. When we refer about this we are talking about dogs who have very slow growing hair that can be clipped or trimmed.  So, the truth is that grooming is very important if you want minimalize the amount of dog hair in your house. And you want this to happen because you don’t like to see dog hair all over, and your guests either. And having dog hair on your clothes might prove that you are an untidy person, but you aren’t like that and you know it.

Now that you are looking for dogs that don’t need daily grooming or brushing, I must tell that there is a list that can help you a lot. Consult this list and choose one of these big dogs that don’t shed to be your lifelong best friend. Even if they are big, their hair growing is very slow. Though, because of their size it might take you longer to groom them.

  1. Airedale Terrier has a very soft fur and you only have to strip his hair once a year besides weekly brushing his hair.
  2. Standard Poodle have thick fur that might need professional grooming from time to time, but you also need to brush and bath them at home from time to time.
  3. Bouvier des Flandres has a long black fur that has to be trimmed several times a year to maintain it clean.
  4. Irish Water Spaniel gas a curly hair that has to be brushed weekly and need to be trimmed at three or four months.
  5. Black Russian Terrier must have his hair trimmed several times a year and brush from time to time.
  6. Giant Schnauzer has to be trimmed monthly.
  7. Komodor breed doesn’t require any brushing but his cords need to be trimmed.