These are the best dog breeds for kids

Many of us have kids and love dogs too, so we have to find room for both of them in our lives, this is why I decided to tell you today which are the best dog breeds for kids. Just like some other times when I gave you lists of dogs that are good for different jobs, I want to tell you this time too that it does not necessarily means that the first breed that I mention is the best, or if I do not have a breed on my list, that dog is not good with kids.

Photo by Robert Rinyu

You know that dogs, just like humans, are very different. So, there can be dogs that are supposed to be good with kinds and they do not get along with your child, or there can be others that are known not very friendly with kinds, but when they receive the proper training, they can prove the contrary. Still, on my list I will refer to the general features of a certain breed that can prove the fact that it can be a good friend for you as well as for your child.

 Many of us believe that the Bulldog can be one of the best dog breeds for kids. This is because he is a very friendly dog that will love you and your child as soon as he sees you. But being friendly is not enough. To be good with kids, a dog should not be aggressive, and Bulldog is not aggressive at all, he is very docile. He has a small body size and short hair. It is very important that dogs who stay around the kinds not to shed too much and to have short hair, because the animal hair can be very dangerous for kids.

Another breed that is considered one of the best dog breeds for kinds is Beagle. He is a small dog breed and the aspect he has helps him a lot to be loved by almost any child. Beagle is very intelligent and this is how you can train him quite fast and easy. Only well-trained dogs should stay in the same house with your child. They are dynamic dogs and will love to play a lot with your kids. You will say that dynamic dogs are also loud, but it is not always like that, Beagle is a very quiet dog.

Collie is another famous breed that is known to be good with kids. It is very popular because he was used in several movies for children and this is how this breed was promoted between the best dog breeds for kids. He is very gentle, easy trainable and very protective.

Labrador Retriever can also become one of the best friends that your child can have. He is loving, patient and protective. Do you need something more than that for your child? Of course, he is playful too, and this is just great for kids. If we also mention his beauty, I have to say that there is no wonder that this is one of the most common dog breeds these days. Is there another dog breed that proved to be very good with your child? Tell us about it.