What can assistance dogs do?

The dog is well known as the best friend of a human. The truth is that a dog can really be a better friend than any other friend you may have.

Photo by: Edgar Pierce

If you need a dog to keep you company, he will, if you need a dog to make your life more interesting and fun, he will, if you need a dog to help you with your disabilities, he will. What’s great about dogs is that they can be all the time next to you, no matter where you have to go. A human friend will have his own job that ha has to work for his living, but assistance dogs can be all the time with you.

It was proved along the time that between assistance dogs and their owners is a very strong bound that lasts for a life time. Each of them knows that they need each other and can’t live without. They form together a team, and in this team both of them have a specific role that must be accomplished. The owner takes care of the dog’s needs ( home, food, love and others) while the dog helps his owner accomplishing all the duties he can’t do by his own.

There are several usages of assistance dogs:

  • hearing dogs for the deaf persons
  • guide dogs for the blind
  • dogs for disabled
  • support dogs
  • dogs AID
  • canine partners
  • medical detection dogs

Assistance dogs are also known as guide dogs or service dogs. They help a lot of people with disabilities, but the truth is that it takes a lot of time and hard work for their training. People usually can’t train their own assistance dog by themselves, they are taken to special courses where trainers with a lot of experience train them to be the perfect help for different types of disabilities.

These dogs are allowed to go with their owner in places where usually dogs are not allowed to enter. But because these people are having disabilities and they can’t do what they need to do alone, these special trained dogs get permission to accompany their master in shops, cinemas, theaters, libraries, public transportation and others.

How can you recognize a service dog? They usually wear a vest that says “service animal” and everyone knows that they are allowed in public places.

There developed a real problem with the service dogs, because there appeared a lot of fake assistance dogs lately. It’s hard to believe but it’s true.  There appeared, especially on the internet all kind of announcements about having service dogs for sale, even if they are not authorized trainer for such trainings. If you want to buy a service dog, please check very well if the sellers are authorized for such training or not, because you might have unpleasant surprises.

You must know that this is not the only problem that appeared. A lot of people who want to take their dogs in restaurants, shops or other places where their presence is not allowed just buy online some dog vests or id cards with the insignia of service animal.

Even if these things are happening, the truth is that the benefits of a service dog are higher than all the other problems that may occur on the way.