When do you need an automatic dog feeder?

Did you use an automatic dog feeder by now? Some of us do not use them and I often wondered why. I guess they do not understand the benefits of this automatic feeder. Otherwise I can’t see any reason for not using them. If you are one of the dog owners who are not convinced about the benefits of using automatic dog feeder, please read these lines and then tell us if you have changed your opinion.

Photo by: jw

Only some of us afford to pay for a dog au pair. Of course, the best option you can make to take care of your dog when you aren’t home for several hours is the au pair, but how many of us can pay for it? If you can’t, don’t worry, here are some great options that you can make to provide your dog everything he needs when you need to go to work, when you have an emergency or you must go somewhere exactly when your dog needs to eat. You do know that if you feed your dog the very same hours is a great benefit for his health. This is why I think that you try to respect a strict schedule for feeding your dog. But there can occur different obstacles.

For example your dog is a puppy and he has to eat about four times a day. As you have to work, you will be missing nine or ten hours from home every day. Do you believe that your puppy will be able not to eat for such a long time? During the night, yes, he can, but in the daytime this is too much for him. He will start looking for the food all over your house and you will find a terrible mess when you will be back. Not to mention your starving little dog and his sufferance during these hours.

Another situation that may happen is an emergency. Something happened and in a very few minutes you need to go somewhere. You do not know for how long you will be missing and you don’t even have the time or mood to think about this. But your starving dog will feel that you were missing as soon as his lunchtime approaches. And he will start searching for his food all over, he will start chewing and destroying things in your house, not because he wants to, but because he might be very hungry. Is there anything that you can do to avoid these situations? Yes, there is. Automatic dog feeder can save you from these bad situations. It is designed to store food for several servings. There also is an automatic dog feeder that will serve your dog meals for 24 hours exactly when you want it to. This is how you can be sure that your dog has the food for the entire day portioned as you want it to be. And you know that no matter if you come late or something happens and you must leave in a hurry, your dog will have what to eat when he has to. Isn’t this just great?