Clicker training for dogs – tips and tricks

Clicker training for dogs is one of the best methods to train a dog and if you read this article I think that you will be convinced of this statement. First of all I want to tell you what is a clicker and how does it work because many dog owners have no idea about it. A clicker is a metal strip inside a plastic box that is supposed to be pressed in order to make a special sound.

Photo by Tim Welbourn

You must have your dog used with the sound whenever he has a positive behavior. Soon he will understand that the sound is a conditioned reinforce. In order to make your dog understand this you have to give him a treat as soon as you click on the clicker and this way he will correlate the sound with a reward. You must know that clicker training for dogs can totally change your life and can help you a lot in some other training. Sometimes there might not be enough time to tell your dog that he did a very good job because he has to work further as soon as possible. Using a clicker you can make him understand in some very short seconds that he did well until now and he has to continue that way.

You know that treats as rewards work all the time for dogs. When you start to work on clicker training for dogs you will have to understand that in some cases it can replace the treats but you should not stop using them totally. At list at the beginning of the training you will have to reward your dog with treats after each click to make your dog understand the meaning of the clicking. After a while you may use less treats but specialist recommend not to stop using them totally.

You must know that there are dogs with sensitive ears and the sound of the clicker might be too strong for them. Or in some cases dogs can be frightened at first because of this sound, so you might have to reduce the volume until your dog gets used to the sound and he understand that you only use it as a reward and as a positive reinforcement. When this stage is accomplished your dog might not have any problem with the sound, more than that, he might like the sound and he might be willing to hear it over and over again. If you have some other pets in your house it is very important to know that you need to use a different clicker for each of them. If you have more than one dog it is the same story. Clicker training for dogs has to be understood by every dog that you own but let’s be honest, it is quite hard to make both of your dogs working in the same time to reward them at the same time for the good behavior. Do not cause confusion in the mind of your dog because this way clicker training will have less value than it should have.