Dog training supplies that everyone should have

Dog training is the best thing you can do for yourself as a dog owner, as well as for your dog. Every dog owner should train his dog from the very first day he enters the house, because any dog must know from the very beginning that in the house there are some rules that need to be respected and you are the one who establishes all the rules. What he has to do is to learn and to obey, this way your living together will be more pleasant than both of you can imagine.

Photo by Anna Bruguera

There aren’t many dog training supplies you may need at the beginning, but still, you will have to use some.

The most common of all dog training supplies are the treats. They should never miss any training, as short as it can be. A dog must always have a motivation to do certain thing you ask him to do, and he must know that he will be rewarded for every good action he will take. Treats are recommended by every dog trainer and you will see that they work very well.

A dog crate should never miss from your dog training supplies. Crate training is very useful as you can’t supervise your dog all the time. Most people use the crate to keep the dog closed while they aren’t at home. This is to avoid some behavioral problems that dogs may have while their owners are gone, things like chewing or destroying things around. Crate training is also useful in long car trips and other situations too.

You also must have a leash when you decide to start training your dog. The leash is very useful to train your dog to understand that you are the leader and he has to obey you. The leash must be suitable to your dog’s size and breed.

Chew toys are some of the dog training supplies that work the best in the mental and physical training. During their teething dogs need to chew a lot. If you don’t give them the right things to chew, they will start chewing all the objects in your house, starting with furniture to personal things. Your dog might like a lot to chew your shoe. And you don’t want that. That’s why, give your dog enough chew toys, but not too many because he might not be able to make the difference between the toys and your personal things they can reach. And also pay attention because some chew toys are proved to be harmful for your dog. Be careful what you choose.

Of course that before starting any training, you must know what to do first. There are so many books and videos that you can use as dog training supplies! Just search for them and you will see that they are very helpful. They are written and filmed by experienced trainers which confronted all kind of situations, and you will find answers about any kind of training you might want to learn.             Now as you made your decision about getting your own dog, furnish the indispensable supplies and get ready to have fun as you never had before. Than, do not hesitate to tell us how is your training working.