Which are the best dog training treats to use?

As we discussed in other posts about dog training, you already know that in dog training is very important to encourage a dog doing what you want him to do, and discourage him from doing what you don’t like. A dog can be rewarded with nice words, pats and treats.

Photo by Danielle Stanevicz

Today we’ll talk about dog training treats. It’s a definitely good way to treat your dog in order to show how much you love him, how glad you are that he is yours, to spoil your dog, but also to give them as a price for something good they managed to do in their training.

Now let’s see some reasons for using dog training treats. Dogs can feel the smell of a treat from a quite long distance and if you’ll use something that your dog likes, he will be impatient to get it and do what you ask him to do just to get it sooner. But there is something you must know. When the dog finishes his deed, he might jump or turn around you excited that he will get the treat. If things like this are happening, disapprove your dog’s attitude and wait until he stops and waits for his treat.

Dog training treats must be used between meals. You might wonder why? After a good meal, any treat won’t work that well because your dog is fool and doesn’t feel that he needs something more. For receiving yours dog total attention with a treat, first expose it to his nose. By attracting your dog with his smell, you got most of his attention. Than what you have to do is to show him the treat and after than he should hear it, if it can be heard.

Another thing to be taken into account when choosing dog training treats are the ingredients of the treat. It’s important that a treat is made exactly of the things that your dog likes the most. Remember that dogs are not humans and they have different tastes than yours. You need to get to know your dog better and better, so that you may know things that he likes.

Every exercise you train your dog has a different value. So the treats he receives for it must have different value too. That’s why you should have different types of treats in different quantities. Also depending on the exercises you are doing you have to know that sometimes your dog can take several seconds to eat, but in other situations he will have to swallow fast and continue the exercise.

Never use dog training treats in your exercises before trying them first. When a dog sees something for the first time he must convince himself of what the thing is. I think you don’t want to stop in the middle of an exercise that should continue fast just because your dog doesn’t know the treat because he never saw it before. It will pull you back with your training.

Keep in mind that you will use treats to show affection to your dog. Be constient at the time when you offer treats and at the reasons you offer them. Always put discipline and exercise before.