Why dog aggression training can change your life

Aggression is a major problem that many dog owners don’t know how to deal with. The truth is that having an aggressive dog is not comfortable at all. You can’t go outside for daily dog walks without having that big worry that you never know what’s going to happen, you can’t receive guests at home unless your dog is in his crate or kept in a place where he can’t see or can’t harm them. Actually you can’t enjoy the most pleasant moments that a dog owner should spend with his dog, but you have to be protective all the time, and sometimes to hide your dog from people.

Photo by Marcia O’Connor

This is painful and hard for you. I’m sure that if I tell you what you can do about this problem, you would start working on it today. And I will. So, get ready to work on your dog aggression training.

Let’s try to see why your dog is aggressive and others aren’t. A lot of people associate aggression to certain breeds, but this is so not right! Any breed can have aggressive dogs. The only difference is that a big breed can be more dangerous than a smaller breed, as they can cause more harm than the others.

The big problem with dog aggression is the owners. When choosing a dog for you, first you have to think which breed best suits to your way of life, as any breed has some requests that need to be accomplished by the owner. I’m sorry to say that people choose their dog following the way he looks and the popularity of the breed. Later on they realize that they can’t adapt their lifestyle to that dog and here comes the disaster. The unsatisfied dog will become an aggressive dog.

What all of you, dog lovers need to know, is that a dog needs physical exercise. They are very energetic and if you don’t give him the opportunities to use that energy, they will transform it into aggression. The first step in dog aggression training is to remove the energy from their body, so that you can train their minds.

Dogs have a well developed sense of dominance. At the beginning they will try to dominate you. Afterwards he will try to dominate other people and other dogs that he meets, because of the hidden fear they keep inside. There is one thing in your dog aggression training that you must know and you must do. From the very beginning (or even now, it’s better to be later then never) you have to show your dog that you are his leader and he has to obey you. Be very sure on the things you are telling him, don’t change your mind according to different circumstances, just be the strong leader your dog needs you to be. This way he will feel safe when walking next to you and he won’t have to be protective all the time. Try this tip and you will see a major step accomplished in your dog aggression training.             Change your life by changing your dog’s aggressive behavior. You can do it, and if you need some more advice, we are here for you.