Welsh Springer Spaniel

Welsh Springer Spaniel Overview

Red and white colored hunting dogs have long had a popular place in the British Isles. The Welsh Springer Spaniel is actually a close cousin to other breeds such as the Cocker Spaniel and English Springer Spaniel. They were once all considered “cocking spaniels” and were interbred until it became popular to separate breeds by standards.

Welsh Springer Spaniel Characteristics

This dog breed is slightly smaller than the English Springer and has high set ears, a tapered head and red and white color. His head and face more closely resemble that of the Cocker Spaniel than the English Springer. However, all three breeds feature the same long ears, curly coat and shortly docked tail.

Welsh Springer Spaniel Temperament

The Welsh Springer Spaniel is at home in the fields and is a natural flusher of game. With families, he makes a great companion who is happy wherever his owners may be. This dog breed has lots of stamina, making them great hunting companions, however, they will easily settle down and be quiet indoors, when the fun is over for the day.

Welsh Springer Spaniel Care

The Welsh Springer lives on average 12 to15 years, typical for a small to medium-sized dog. Breed health concerns are few but may include epilepsy and hip dysplasia like other spaniels. Their close relatedness to the Cocker Spaniel may also make them more prone to chronic ear infections and ear diseases, so care should be taken to regularly inspect the ears.

Welsh Springer Spaniel Coat

The soft, silky coat of the Welsh Springer should be brushed or combed every few days to keep it looking its best. Otherwise, the hair may mat or tangle, or become dull in appearance. Feathering is natural but may be trimmed if needed. Ears should be kept clean and checked for mats and infections regularly.

Welsh Springer Spaniel Training

As with other spaniels, the Welsh Springer is very easy to train. His natural talent and instinct for hunting make him a great dog to have on the field. This intelligence travels over to obedience and house manners, where the Welsh Springer will easily adapt, making him a great family pet.

Welsh Springer Spaniel Activity

The Welsh Springer is an active dog with lots of stamina and needs to be outdoors to be happy. If he is not being used for hunting, allowing him time to go on trails, flush game and explore the outdoors is critical for his mental health. Other activities such as walks, jogs or family playtime will also help energy levels and keep the Welsh Springer a happy and healthy friend.